Directional Speaker

The Acouspade™ directional speaker, can generate a highly directional beam of sound. It is able to place a particular sound at a desired area, while preserving silence around it. The Acouspade directional sound system also allows the co-existence of different sounds in one space without mixing or interfering.

High SPL Stereo

With its extra large emitter panel (600x300mm) the Acouspade XLS can achieve very high sound pressure levels, which makes it the perfect directional speaker for situations with high ambient noise. It cuts through the noise and delivers a clear acoustic message to the listener even at larger distances.

Acouspade™ Classic
speaker with focus

The Acouspade Classic was re-launched in 2017, reviving the circular shape of the classic design form our first directional speakers, launched in 2011. Unlike the original Acouspade, which had an external amplifier, the new Classic integrates a miniaturized Class-D amplifier and a fully digital signal processing system within the emitter housing.

Acouspade speakers

Acouspade speaker family – size comparison