Acouspade directional sound system

Can you send us a demo speaker for evaluation purposes?

Unfortunately we can not send any demo units, but our return policy allows you to return the product within 14 days after you receive the package in case you are not satisfied with the speakers performance. The amount that we can refund in this case excludes shipping and banking expenses as well as Paypal fees.

What is your return policy?

In case the product does not fit your needs you can return it within 14 days. We do not refund shipping expenses, nor banking or Paypal fees. In case you return the product from outside the EU, a 50 EUR processing fee is applied in order to cover the expenses of the import customs procedure.

The return policy does not cover more than one unit! If you are not sure whether the product fits your needs you should order one unit first. You can not return more than one product. We also do not refund a product (to the same customer) more than once.

What is the difference between the regular Acouspade and the Acousopade Classic?

The main difference is that the regular Acouspade has a Bluetooth connection and motion detection option. Both speakers can be connected to an audio device through 2 RCA connectors. Both speakers have the same power output (SPL). The directionality is also very similar. Due to different shapes the sound field distributions are slightly different. The regular Acouspade is more suitable for short distance listening (1-3m). The Classic Acouspade, more for long distance listening (3-5m). The Classic is slightly more focused due to its circular shape.

Sound quality and low frequency responseย of the Acouspade speakers?

In case you are looking for HI-Fi directional sound, ultrasound-based directional speakers, like the Acouspade are not a good choice. These kind of speakers can create an extremely narrow beam of sound, however the sound quality – although very solid – can not be compared to the sound quality of regular speakers or headphones. Especially the low frequency reproduction is a weak spot.

Price quote for the Acouspade system?

Please ask us: info@ultrasonic-audio.com

How do I order?

Please send an email to sales@ultrasonic-audio.com containing your billing and shipping information (including contact phone number) and we will send you a pro-forma invoice with payment instructions.

In case you are a company registered in EU and you have a VAT number, please include your VAT number as well. For EU customers without VAT number we need to add 22% VAT on the final amount.

What is included in the Acouspade Classic system?

– Active speaker
– 24V/1A power supply / adapter (110V / 230V)

What is included in the regular Acouspade system?

– Active speaker incl. Bluetooth interface
– 24V/1A power supply / adapter (110V / 230V)

What is included in the Acouspade XLS system?

– Emitter (passive speaker)
– External amplifier
– Emitter connector cable (2x3m)
– 24V/2,7A power supply / adapter (110V / 230V)

What are the payment options and conditions?

We require full payment in advance (before shipping), via Wire/SEPA transfer or Paypal. In case of a payment sent via Paypal, we need to add 6% to the final amount in order to cover the Paypal fees. Wire transfer expenses (concerning payments from outside EU) can vary and need to be covered by the buyer.

What is the lead time?

Smaller quantities (<100 units) are usually in stock and can be shipped as soon as the payment is received.

What is the shipping time?

– 1-3 days inside EU
– 2-5 days outside EU

What is the reach the Acouspade speakers?

The sound reaches up to 50m and is still well audible, however, for optimal performance regarding directionality, we recommend a distance between 1 and 5 meters from the listeners head.

How big is the listening area?

The radiation angle of the Acouspade speakers is about 12 degrees. With this information you can calculate the sound covered area in different distances. At a typical mounting distance of 2-3m the audio footprint is about 1m2 (one square meter).


Speaker with focus

Create a virtual speaker with Acouspadeโ„ข, and let a product “talk” to the customer. The tight column of sound emitted by Acouspadeโ„ข, can be projected to a person indirectly, by letting the sound bounce of a selected surface. You can transform signs, posters, or any product into a virtual speaker and attract immediate attention.

Acouspade and Acouspade Classic – size comparison