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Ultrasonic audio technologies is creating new paradigms for acoustic communication, human computer interactionย andย musical expression.

Ultrasonic develops different products based on focussing airborne ultrasound. The Acouspade directional speaker has been used in a wide variety of situations including museums, galleries, retail stores, offices, digital kiosks, fairs, etc., by clients and integrators in over 80 countries worldwide. Ultrasonic audio technologies has also developed the Syntact HC-Interface which creates contact-free tactile feedback through ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic audio technologies was founded in 2011 by Miha Ciglar, a sound artist and researcherย in the field of audio technologies. He studied at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics – IEM in Austria and holds a MSc degree from the Academy of Music and the University of Technology in Graz, Austria. In 2008, Ciglar founded the Institute for Sonic Arts Research – IRZU, where he began developing the technologies which eventually led to establishing the startup company Ultrasonic Ltd. Ciglar is the initiator and curator of the international sonic arts festival EarZoom, which takes place annually, since 2009 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Ciglar was the conference chair of the biggest international conference on audio technologies – theย International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), which was held in September 2012 at IRZU in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Speaker with focus

By focusing sound in a tight column, Acouspadeโ„ข is able to place sounds at any desired spatial location, making it possible to deliver acoustic information to the public precisely where it is needed. Acouspadeโ„ข enables the creation of individual acoustic images for products located in close proximity.


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