Directional speakers

Acouspade directional speakers

Directional Speakers

The Acouspadeโ„ข is a hyper-directional speaker, emitting a highly directional beam of sound. It is able to place a particular sound at a desired spatial location, while preserving silence where the sound is not needed. The Acouspade directional sound system also allows the co-existence of different sounds in a relatively small spatial area without mixing or interfering. The laser-like directionality of sound is achieved by exploiting the parametric array effect. The Acouspade directional speaker creates an audio spotlight phenomenon, which can turn selected objects into virtual sound sources, reflecting the primary beam of sound.


The Acouspade-XLS, is the biggest speaker of the Acouspade directional speaker series It uses an external amplifier, which makes it more suitable for installations where long cable lengths are required. The speaker panel is divided in two sections (Left and Right) emitting the left and right audio channel respectively. It is the only directional speaker on the market that offers a stereo output. The extra large sound emitting surface of the Acouspade-XLS creates a beam of sound which is even slightly more narrow than the beam emitted by the other two Acouspade models.

Acouspade Classic Directional Speakers

Acouspadeโ„ขย Classic
Directional Sound

The new Acouspade Classic was re-launched in 2017, reviving the circular shape of the classic design form our first directional speakers, launched in 2011. Unlike the original Classic directional speakers, which had an external amplifier, the new Acouspade Classic integrates a miniaturized amplifier within the emitter housing. The new Acouspade Classic uses a Class-D amplifier and a fully digital signal processing system. Like the new Acouspade, it can deliver a narrow beam of sound to a desired area, where the sound is needed, while preserving silence around it.