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ACOUstic SPAce DElimiter – Directional Sound System

The Acouspade™ hyper-directional sound system enables you to focus a beam of sound to a specific point in the environment, thus making your content audible only at that specific location. While conventional sound systems will fill the whole area with its audio content, Acouspade™ puts you in control of where the audio can be heard, making it possible to address the public precisely where you intended to.

The Acouspade™ speaker radiates sound in one direction only – as opposed to conventional speakers, which spread the sound into all directions. Acouspade™ acts like an audio spotlight and allows you to create your personal audio zone or enable different audio zones to co-exist in the same physical space, while preventing the different acoustic contents from mixing and interfering. The audio beam created by Acouspade can cut through noisy environments and deliver a headphone-like experience for the listener.



  • Libraries
  • Automotive applications
  • Slot machines
  • Mobile applications
  • Custom applications



  • Retail
  • Digital signage
  • Museum and gallery installations
  • Fairs and trade shows
  • Info-points


Acouspade enables the use of acoustic advertizing space by providing a solution to separating acoustic spaces of different audio sources in close proximity. It enables the creation of separated audio zones - filled with different acoustic contents - sharing the same physical space.

Acouspade - mounting options


Acouspade - directional speaker mounting options


Spotlight mode

In case the Acouspade directional speaker is mounted on the same wall – on top or bellow the digital sign, it needs to point diagonally downwards or upwards respectively, in order for the audio beam to reach all possible heights of users. In this mode the sound can not always be heard at the exact same spot, since the listening spot will depend on the users height. In case of a digital-signage situation this should not be a problem since the listening spot will always be in front of the digital screen, but the distance of the sweet-spot from the screen will be determined by the person's height and will vary within 1 to 2 meters. This mounting mode will also create more audible artifacts around the room, since the first surface (floor or ceiling) will be hit in a specific angle, which will reflect the sound to the next surface, and so on.


Sound shower mode

Ideally, the Acouspade directional speaker should be mounted on the ceiling, facing the floor. This creates a typical “sound-shower” situation, making the sound audible only at one spot in the room, while enabling it to be heard by people - of all heights - at the same spot. The sound-shower mode is also the best solution to minimize reflections of the sound and its audibility at different locations around the room. The sound starts to travel from the ceiling, bounces off the floor and is reflected back to the same spot at the ceiling, and so on.


Virtual speaker mode

A very interesting mounting situation is the “Virtual speaker mode”, where the speaker is not pointing directly towards the user. Instead, the speaker is pointing towards the digital sign, (or any other object that you want to draw attention to, by using directional sound) from which the sound beam bounces and arrives at the user indirectly. This situation makes it appear as if the sound originates from the object that it is being reflected from. The actual sound source remains hidden and is not noticed by the user.


Features (basic model)

The Acouspade™ speaker offers highly directional distribution of sound, which is reproduced clearly - without distortion - even at high volumes. The sound is of high-quality, with low noise and great frequency response, which includes authentic reproduction of bass notes and frequencies as low as 150 Hz. The speaker itself is easy to use – you only need to plug the audio output of the source device (such as portable music player, laptop, DVD-player etc.) to the amplifier input and you are ready to go.




                 Acouspade - emitter                                  UMA 3.0 - Modulator / Amplifier


In addition, we provide a couple of integrated solutions to make usage of the system even more comfortable in specific cases - see below.

Acouspade™ vs. Audio Spotlight®

Results of a comparative research study on directivity characteristics of directional speakers, which was conducted by JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL - Institute for Information and Communication Technologies. - more




Additional features (custom)

Integrated digital audio player and motion sensor

If your intended primary use is playing short to medium length audio recordings whenever someone walks into the speaker's focus area, we can offer you the system with integrated digital audio player – Ogg Vorbis format – and motion sensor. You only need to plug in a micro SD card with your content and it will be delivered from beginning each time someone approaches the targeted area, while it will rest to save power when no one is nearby.

Wireless content management system

If, however, you plan to mount the speakers in a not easily accessible place*, but desire the same functionality as in the previous case, we can offer you the ultimate solution – wireless content management bundle: you only need to plug a wireless interface that comes with the bundle to your computer, install our software, and you can drag and drop the files to the desired speakers, which will play the message whenever someone walks into the targeted area.

* This solution is especially suitable for cases where multiple speakers are used




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